Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Rigs

Saturday, my son and I went on Mall of America's "Big Rigs" ride. Big Rigs is a kid's ride where for a small fee, mini-trucks slumber around a small track, three or four times.

From what I could tell, I was one of six or seven other embarrassed fathers taking their kids on Big Rigs. Each Big Rig has four steering wheels and four accompanying horns. If so unlucky, as I was, fathers cramp themselves into a Big Rig and sit circling the small track while their kids honk the horn and wave at mom.

Big Rigs seems like an innocuous ride. Don't let the small circular track fool you. For those of us suffering from motion sickness, circling the track four times while listing to annoying horn honking, will amplify your imbalance. At least it did mine.

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