Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why do they get up early?

Does anyone have insight to why kids wake up late on weekdays, but get up early on weekends? It's simply amazing how they have developed a type of intelligence that tells them "hey, let's see if we can wake up mom and dad on the one day they can sleep in."

I suppose this could be payback for all the times I performed a similar act for my parents. Maybe that's it? Maybe when we send the little guy down to grandpa and grandma (as we are today) they are training him to get up early on weekends? If this is true, it's brilliant. I plan on doing the same thing when it's my turn.


Scooter said...

If you'd just get up at the same time on the weekends as you do on the weekdays, they probably wouldn't be up before you.

t-snide said...

I don't mind that they wake early on weekends, I just wish they didn't want to play. Spongebob isn't have the babysitter Underdog was for me.

Mac Noland said...

Is 5AM early in your mind?

t-snide said...

It was 3:30 Tuesday morning for me, and little dude wanted to play. I finally got back to sleep by 5:00, but not before my catch-up sleep on MLK day was negated.

But yeah, 05:00 is no good on a weekend. He's just getting you prepared for those early ice times in a few years!