Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surly Furious

An ex-colleague of mine recommended I try Surly. This was about six months ago. My local municipal liquor store had Surly Furious and so though it was $8 a four-pack (yes a four-pack), I tried it.

I can't say I liked the hoppy taste back then. However, this past weekend while having dinner at Chiang Mai Thai in Uptown, I tried Furious from the tap. Fabulous!

After enjoying three Surlies on Sunday (we had Monday off) I purchased another four-pack on Tuesday. The price is $9 for a four-pack now. Worth every penny.

If you like Summit, you'll find Furious to be similar, but with an extra bite. A bite that I really enjoy. Give one of Surly's beers a try sometime.

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