Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Adobe defaults on their mail-in-rebate checks

A few months back I purchased Adobe's Premier Elements 4 software for video editing. If you're a Facebook Friend of mine, you can see the Noland Christmas 2008 video, which is the outcome of my first experiment as an editor/producer.

The software was $140 with a $30 mail in rebate. I followed all the rebate rules (e.g. tear off the left corner of the box, not the right, include a proof of purchase and an original copy of your living will) and mailed it in three months ago. The check arrived last week.

My wife gives me an allowance which covers my bi-monthly expenses. It's a tight budget so my account is often left within $20 before being replenished. The $30 rebate was part of my allowance.

Friday I over-drafted. After telling my screaming wife that it had to be a mistake, I found that the Adobe rebate check had bounced. In addition, Wellsfargo was nice enough to charge me $7 for the returned check and $10 for the overcharge fee.

I called Adobe yesterday and the customer service rep said this was affecting numerous customers and I needed to call back next week after they have everything figured out. I explained that I'd like to get $47 back to cover my bank fees ($17 in total). I get the feeling she would have told me anything to get me off the phone (I was actually being very nice by the way), so she said "you'll just have to provide documentation and will be refunded the full amount." I'm assuming "full amount" includes bank fees.

I'm not too happy with Adobe right now.


Momkat of AV said...

Well, at least you got to talk to a person. I spent well over an hour last week trying to find out the status of my Dlink $30 rebate. I gave up holding for Customer (non)Service. So far my 2 emails have gone unanswered. I've written off the $30.

The router works well tho.

Mac Noland said...

I think mail-in-rebates might be a scam. Similar to a ponzi scheme.

Jamie said...

How does that software work for you? I use Power Director from CyberLink. It works pretty well, but I feel like I'm leaving stuff on the table...not the most user friendly app.

Mac Noland said...

It's ok, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. I've heard that some software called Pinnical (or something like that) is suppose to be good.