Wednesday, October 01, 2008


After ten years at Life Time Fitness, I joined the local YMCA.  I liked Life Time Fitness, but I’m having an issue getting to the gym (I have a 14-month-old) and thought the YMCA, which is located next to my office, would be easier to get to during lunch.

Life Time is a really nice club.  The YMCA pales in comparison to it.  However, I’ve found that the Y’s amenities fit my needs.  I don’t need the Cafe, tanning bed, or tennis court.  I would like a racket ball court, but even that is not really needed. This is only my first week, but so far I’ve found the YMCA providing a nice break from my morning and afternoon work tasks.  While I miss some of the niceties of Life Time, the company provided shuttle seems to be a better fit.

As a side note; I asked the shuttle driver how many trips they take each day.  On average, from 11AM – 1:30PM they take 32 round trips.  It’s six blocks to the Y or 12 blocks per round trip.  In total, the driver puts on 32 miles each day to take people to and from the Y.


Scooter said...

How do you keep from sweating when you come back to work - I never have enough time to cool down appropriately (when I would exercise over lunch), particularly in the summer.

Mac Noland said...

How do you keep from sweating when you come back to work - I don't. You should see the drops running down my face.