Thursday, August 21, 2008

My last case study

A few months ago I wrote about a case study I did with my company, Microsoft and Teamprise. It was a very good experience and I enjoyed doing it. However, it's probably my last case study that I'll write while working for my current employer.

Why? I just got an email asking why I'm quoted in the case study and who gave me permission to do so. I cordially explained that my vice president at the time contacted our Communications department who repeatedly failed to return his message. His last email to them was "if we don't hear anything back, we'll assume you approve this." Luckily I save all this stuff and was able to provide documentation.

My issue here is, getting a case study approved is so hard. It's not worth going through the fight with bureaucracy to give back something to the common good. As a side note, my brother had a similar issue where he got told, in so many words, to never make another open source contribution. Apparently we can use open source, which we do in masses, but never help make open source better. Stupid.


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