Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bruiting my son's infatuation with the garbage

This morning my son decided to cover both himself and the floor with used coffee grounds. The wet, sticky kind of grounds freshly removed from the ground reservoir. Fortunately they were not hot.

My son seems to be infatuated with the garbage can. Much more that his room full of toys. This behavior is common for him. He likes everything that we say "No, No, No" to. Cords, lamps, drawers, doors, light sockets, etc. You name something kids shouldn't touch, he tries to touch it.

My parents find it humorous. They see his behavior as payback.


Scooter said...

We tell my daughter "don't touch that" and she asks what it is, how it works, and why that's dangerous. Then she never touches it - ever - not even a reminder. She's always been that way. The clips we put on the medicine cupboard, where we keep cleaning supplies, etc. were all wasted effort.

Mac Noland said...

Do you feel she avoids touching that because you've bored her with an exaggerated explanation? For example, I avoid asking my dad about diesel engines. Why? Because I'd get a three hour dissertation.

Anonymous said...

You have to child-proof the house. Put the garbage out in the garage or put it under the sink and put a child lock/latch on the door. That should keep things safe until he turns 3, thats when boys become brilliant masterminds and figure out how to un-childproof the house.