Monday, June 09, 2008

Gopher Points

This weekend I received, via snail mail, a brochure describing my Gopher Points. If you're not familiar with Gopher Points, it's the ranking system developed by the University of Minnesota for choosing seats at the new TCF Bank stadium. If you didn't get yours, it's because you're not a University of Minnesota Gopher Football season ticket holder. Ha, ha!

Three weeks ago, a good friend of mine and I bought season tickets. Our objective, at least mine, is to see if Brewster can muster up two wins (or more) this season, which would be just one more than last year (they finished 1-11 if you missed it). Brewster has a propensity to over hype everything and it annoys the hell out of me. Yes, I plan on heckling. Oh ya, and we're also interested in getting priority seating at the stadium.

This Gopher Points system is based on, as you'd imagine, points. The more points, the earlier you get to choose your seats in TCF Bank stadium. From what I can tell, there are two ways to accumulate points. One can either be a long time season ticket holder (referred to as loyalty points) or donate gobs of money. Since we don't fall in to either of the categories, we rank 25,465.

Our current point total is 102.42. We received 102 points for being a current season ticket holder and .42 points for the $125 I must have donated under the "University Academic Lifetime Giving" program. Being my friend went to the University of South Dakota, I don't see our point total changing much. Then again, we have until December 31th, 2008. I could win the lottery by then, donate a ton of money thus increasing my point rank. And if this happens, I will be sitting in section 141 so I can scream and yell at the outspoken Brewster.

The selection process starts in April of 2009. I'll let you know where a ticket holder, currently ranked 25,465, gets to sit. My only hope is to not worry about altitude sickness.

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