Monday, May 12, 2008

Horse Track

We went to the Canterbury horse track with my in-laws yesterday. As usual, my wife and I were running late so we missed the first race. In hindsight, that turned out to be a money saver.

Like most all gambling experiences, I lost yesterday. The first race, I won a Win bet, which covered most of my $5. Then the slide started. The next three races, I lost every bet. That put me in the hole ($12.80).

In the sixth race (my fifth race) I bet $8 on three different bets. The win/place/show bet is the only one that paid dividends. Since I bet on a favorite, I won $5.60 so my net was ($2.40). The seventh race was a mess as I lost another $4.

Overall, I lost $19.20. While frustrating, I enjoyed the day at the track. I'm sure we'll be back out there in the near future.


Adam Fokken said...

I was out in CA, at the Santa Anita track. With a little help from a handicapper, My girlfriend and I won $400 off a $2 trifecta bet. Wish I could get that kind of return all the time. :)

Mac Noland said...

That's a pretty good return. Did you "box" it or not? Probably not if it was only a $2 bet.

I always bet a $1 trifecta on every race. I figure what's a $1. And if you hit it (like you did) the payout is typically great.

A guy I play software told me about a friend of a friend who hit the superfecta at the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago. It was a group for a bachelor party and they put down $26. The payout was over $35,000! I'm guessing they had a bunch of fun that night!