Saturday, May 10, 2008


Because I couldn't muster up the patience to visit Home Depot again, we decided to order new blinds from I heard about from a friend of mine a few years ago. He had just moved into a new house and found blinds, of all things, to be one of the many unanticipated expenses.

The first set of blinds we actually got from Home Depot so I kind of had an idea of what we needed. Same size, color but with "blackout" so we could take down the beach towels hanging over our son's bedroom windows.

I found to have a friendly user experience which I used to find pretty much exactly what we wanted. While we would have preferred a "honeycomb, double cell, cordless lift, black out" blind, only had a single cell offering. After two more weeks of seeing those beach towels, we decided the single cell was sufficient and ordered. carries a number of vendors including their "" brand. The brand is an entry level (i.e. low budget) blind from what I can tell. The price range for ours was somewhere between $136 and $546. We decided to stay on the low end and went with the brand.

Comparing it with our existing blinds (which were on the higher end), you can tell the brand is lesser quality. However, it did hang a lot easier than the more expense blinds we replaced (we moved them to another room).

Would I recommend I felt the customer experience was very positive. Everything from shopping to purchase to delivery went well. As for the brand; the quality is as priced. If you want an entry level blind that is easy to hang and looks nice, get the brand. If you're looking for something a bit higher-end, then look at some of their more expensive offerings (e.g. Hunter Douglas).

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