Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I play craps

Some of you know how I really enjoy a good game of craps. Here is a blog entry that a good friend of mine sent me, showing Jonathan Papelbon teaching fellow teammate, Hideki Okajima, how to play.

You may wonder why I like the game so well. Here are the primary reasons.

- If you're going to play a game of chance, why not play one where you have the least chance of loosing? If you play craps right, you can narrow the house advantages to less than 1%. That's mainly because the house has no advantage on line bets. Bigger the line bet, the less the house advantage. Unfortunately most all (if not all) casinos have a limit on line bets.

- The excitement of craps is like no other gambling. There's nothing like having 15 - 20 people high-fiving each other after hitting a point. Just a few weeks ago in Vegas, I actually hugged a guy from Australia. NOTE: This was around 6AM after a full night of drinking (and winning).

- In Vegas you get free drinks. Add free drinks into the fact there is little house advantage, you can basically drink at a reduced price compared to buying a drink at the bar. Which by the way is very expensive in Vegas.

- Since most people don't understand craps, you basically look like a genius when playing. Those of us that play though know the game is actually pretty simple so this thought of being a "genius" goes away quickly.

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