Monday, March 17, 2008

Surly Furious

Per your recommendation, I bought what turned out to be a four-pack of Surly Furious on Saturday. Living in Apple Valley, my liquor stores are limited to government controlled property tax easers. That is, the city owns all the stores and tells us that by doing so, our property taxes will stay low. I think Stalin said something similar. But I've digressed.

Anyway, given the government controls what we can drink, I figured it would be hard to find this Surly beer. And it was, but not because they didn't stock it, but because the can looks similar to an energy drink. My eyes ran past it a number of times, but being I was looking for bottles with a picture of a lake on it (that's what I had in my mind), I had to ask for help. The help ended up asking for more help.

After a few minutes, an astute city worker up front knew right where it was though and after I confirmed it wasn't an energy drink, I bought a four-pack.

My wife was a bit concerned when she saw the can. "Is that legal?" she asked. My reply was "not sure yet." Once I started to poor the contents into a glass I could see that it looked like a fine ale. Similar to the color of Summit I mentioned to my, now uninterested, wife.

The first sip went well. I enjoy a good bite and Surly Furious has one. Though if I was a beer judge, which I'm not for good reason, I'd say that it left a bitter taste in my mouth about three seconds after each sip. It just wasn't as smoth of a finish like Summit has.

So my conclusion is that I'll try it again. I've got two cans left over and I don't let beer go to waste. Though, I'm hoping that I'll adjust to the bitter taste that it left me with Saturday.


Scooter said...

Try it on tap next time. I think that erases some of that edge.

erik said...

sounds to me like you just need to drink a little faster.