Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

If you read magazines like People, US Weekly, or Star (which I don't by the way) here is your primary subject for the next six months.

As a side note, given her business relationship with Client #9, that budding music career must have not been so budding. Though I'm pretty sure it will be now.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you drop your hint of sarcasm regarding Ashley Alexandra Dupre, even though it is your right to do so. You might want to check the enormous readership of the three periodicals you mentioned. Although it is true that the Holy Bible and several other books revered by major religions worldwide outsell these three, even perhaps Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, eleventh edition as well, you might be surprised to find just where all those magazines end up, many in doctors offices, hair salons, and, of course, in every major library, worldwide. If Miss Dupre were a stock on the NYSE, Standard and Poors, or NASDAQ, I'd like to own at least 100 shares of her and salt the certificate with her beautiful likeness on it away in a safety deposit box as a long-term investment. To me, owning one hundred shares of Ashley Alexandra Dupre would be like including a strong growth stock with blue chip potential, something I would be proud to have in my portfolio anytime. But then, I am not Mac Noland, nor are we cut from the same DNA fabric.

Mac Noland said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your feedback. If you read my post again, you'll find that I never argue the fact that those magazines have large readership. I simply say that I don't read them (though I have been known to look at the pictures).

As for your reference to Miss Depre being a stock; I'd buy like hell as well. That's why I was quoted at the end as saying "Though I'm pretty sure it will be now" in regards to her music career. In fact, the entire meaning of my posting is that she will become mainstream media due to her recent exposure.

Scooter said...

Mac, do you mind if I start telling everyone you own stock in Ashley Alexander Dupre? Can I tell them you managed to swing a 15% discount on her low price every quarter? That's still $3500 per share. Ouch...you're going to have to save up for that full block so you don't have to pay the extra fees.

Mac Noland said...

Feel free to share. Just don't tell my wife ;)

David said...

Being a libertarian I feel the law Miss Dupre "broke" is itself morally reprehensible.

You might want to check the enormous readership of the three periodicals you mentioned.

I am not sure what this means. It seems be implying that if something is popular, it is in some manner "right" or "worthwhile." Popular opinion is exceedingly fickle.