Sunday, February 24, 2008

Walks and Dogs

There are very few things I enjoy more than a good walk outdoors. Given the weather has been a bit harsh the past few months and my son is only six months, my walking has slowed. My waistline shows it.

Today though, I headed out for a half-hour stroll around the block. While I've never measured it, it's probably about two miles. Just long enough to enjoy a few inner thoughts.

One thing that amazes me on my walks is how many times I see people chasing after their dogs. Just today a young gale was screaming at her large brown Labrador as he ran out into the street. Then not more than two blocks later, an older woman in her seventies was howling at her small Schnauzer who was looking to get run over.

We don't have animals, but if we did, I'd probably use a leash. Why? So I could enjoy the walk instead of spending it bitching at my dog.

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