Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Reader

Yesterday afternoon while my son was sleeping, I set up Google Reader. I've been reading about "Reader" technologies for a while and decided that I'd better get on the band wagon and see what they are all about.

I read between five and ten blogs. In the past, I've simply went out to each site on a ad hoc basis to see all the new content. I'm now able to monitor their new posts simply by opening Google Reader. Like an email box, it will show me how many new posts are out there on each site.

In a way I kind of liked just hitting the blogs when I had time. There was little pressure in making sure I was keeping up to date. Now with the Google Reader though, I can see what I haven't read. While that is nice, it also adds some stress as I can quantify how behind I am.

But I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Most blog postings are pretty short (e.g. 250 - 500 words) so it's not like you have to make a big investment to get caught up. That's unlike your work email boxes which fill up with hundreds, if not thousands, if emails if you're out for a single day.


Scooter said...

You went to each site? ick. I use SharpReader. It's an install instead of through Google, and it doesn't keep any stats for me - but I can leave it running in the background on my machine, it allows me to bundle up feeds nicely, and I can access internal feeds as well as external feeds (i.e. corporate wikis, blog feeds, etc). If you ever want to see it, wander over. I've tried Google and a few others, but I keep coming back to SharpReader.

Mac Noland said...

Thanks for the input. Yes, I might have to check SharpReader out.