Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fan of South Park

Back in college my roommates were into the show South Park. Like most television shows, I watched casually but never fell in love with it.

A few months ago my wife and I got DVR service from our cable company. The primary reason was that our son consumes so much of our time, we were unable to watch our favorite television shows. So we broke down and increased our cable bill by fifteen dollars a month.

Once we got the recorder my wife started filling it up with all sorts of things. Deal No Deal, ER, Lost, etc. I was starting to feel a bit left out as the only thing I recorded was New releases of the Simpsons. In an effort to get my fair share of the recorder, I started to search late night shows which I've been missing out on. There was mostly junk television, but low and behold I found South Park on at eleven. Far too late for me to stay up and watch. So I started recording it.

A few nights ago I took a took at My Recordings and saw that I had about five shows recorded. It was time to start watching! My favorite so far has been where Cartman gets a new Trapper Keeper. As a former fan of the Trapper Keeper I fell in love with the show. What happen is the Trapper Keeper gets so smart that it starts to consume things including Cartman. A white Bill Cosby comes back from the future to destroy it as the Trapper Keeper ends up taking over the world. It's fantastic humor.

As a side story, Rosie O'Donnell shows up to help her nephew win an election. The teacher, currently Mr. Garrison, looks out the window and sees the massive Trapper Keeper coming towards them. He yells out something like "a massive fat ass is coming towards the school." Refereeing to the Trapper Keeper of course. And with great surprise, Rosie opens the classroom door and enters. It's satire as its best.

You can now consider me a big South Park fan. I plan on continuing to record them all and watch them after the little one heads off to bed.

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