Monday, November 26, 2007

Price Differentiation on ProSobee at Target

Yes there is price differentiation on ProSobee at Target. The Burnsville store has it marked for $29.99 while the Apple Valley store sells the exact same can for $25.99. I just had to ask why.

The lady I asked looked someone informed. That's unlike the young high school employee who gives you a blank stare when you ask where the reading lamps are. The informed lady said that since Target in Apple Valley was closely placed near the Cube in Apple Valley, they lowered their price to compete.

My wife didn't believe her, but I did and still do. That's competition at it's best and I'm really impressed Target has the aptitude to do price differentiation between such close locations. I'd expect it between say New York and Minneapolis, but between towns? That's pretty powerful.

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