Friday, November 30, 2007

Try a Sammie

Consider this the first in my product and service review feature.

I don't fall for mass marketing very often, but while at Quiznos on Monday, I ordered a Sammie because I saw it on television. I actually ordered two, which as it turns out was a great idea. There are four to choose from. I had the Alpine Chicken.

While a bit high in calorie count (300 each) the Sammie is a nice addition to what I would consider a fairly average menu. Quiznos' soup is good, but the rest of their sandwiches are commodities for me. That is, I could get a similar variation any place I go.

I'm sure a sandwich served on flatbread is also available at other shops, but Quiznos did a nice job with theirs. Try it next time you're in.

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Scooter said...

300 calories isn't much at all - but I notice that a "meal" is 2, so it's 600 calories. Still about 200-500 less than the burrito almost next door (if you're in Eagan).