Thursday, October 25, 2007

Missing out on the "New Hire Lull"

A colleague of mine is leaving our company tomorrow. He's going to Target where - from what he said - they are offing more money, better benefits, expensive parking and a longer commute. As a long time employee for my current employer, I'm feeling a bit left out on the "new hire lull." Let me explain.

First, when you change companies people typically take a few weeks off before they get started. I'd say a week or two off is about average. Being I've worked at my current employer for a long time, I've never got to take off more than a week or so, and that was using valuable vacation time. I'd like to have a small sabbatical (i.e. new hire lull) here and there like people who job jump.

Second, we all know when you start a new job, there is a propensity for some initial slow time while you get ramped up. That happens for those of us who switch departments as well, but not at the same magnitude as changing companies. I've switch groups twice in the past six years. During the transition period I had two jobs instead of one. That does not happen when you change companies.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my current employer and would not leave just to enjoy the "new hire lull". Though I would like to have the option where long term employees can take occasional sabbaticals. I think a two month sabbatical every five to ten years would be sufficient compensation for our long term dedication.

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