Friday, October 26, 2007

How far to push "it"

The week is done. Or I least the work week is done.

This is actually good as I've been playing the role of two (or maybe three). Two of our engineers were out. One on vacation and one on a training trip for a tool that I don't feel belongs in our group. Unfortunately my director thinks differently, so be it.

This got me thinking, if you don't believe something is right, how far do you push it? In this example, the tooling is for a different group, but she wants us to support it. I wrote up a long winded email why I don't think it's a fit. It's not that I don't want our group to get more work, but it's a tool we don't use nor know anything about. We talked about this in person as well. All very professional of course.

Anyway, I lost. The support will be in our group. So how far do you push it? In this instance, I'm done pushing it. If this is what management wants, then that is what management will get. We'll do our best to support the tool, though I would argue since we don't even use the tool, our domain knowledge will be limited. Then again, given we've got a strong technical team, I'm sure we'll show bravado and all be just fine.


Scooter said...

Is this the tool that starts with a c? I saw them in training or some sort of meeting upstairs (4th) on Friday, and thought of you because you'd mentioned semi-competing tools in TFS training.

Mac Noland said...

Yep, Clarity. I find the tool's name ironic as no one seems to know exactly how it works ;)