Saturday, October 20, 2007

Embarrassing Loss

As a University of Minnesota student, I'm a bit embarrassed to see the Gophers lost to North Dakota State. Check that, as a resident of Minnesota, I'm sickened to see a new Division I AA (or what ever they call it now) team comes into our stadium and beat us.

When Brewster was hired, I felt it was a good decision. Even though the guy had never been a head coach or coordinator (outside of high-school) he seemed like the right fit. Now I'll give him the benefit of the doubt being it's his first year, but this is embarrassing. We have a great opportunity to end up 1-11 which I think will be the worse Gopher football record ever. Nice thing to have on your resume Brew.

If I was Brewster, I'd stop talking about Rose Bowl and more about how we stink right now and how we can get better. My sole focus would be to win one, just one, of the next four games. If he can beat Wisconsin or Iowa, he will build good momentum into next season.

When Mason was fired a lot of us got excited about starting a new Gopher tradition. But we didn't think the tradition would be losing to a new Division I team on our home turf. That's embarrassing.

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