Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Praise for parents working through baby colic

This posting may seem a bit self promoting, but honestly it’s not meant to be. My wife and I are working with a baby who I argue is struggling with colic. Trying to sooth a baby who will cry for hours on end is one of the – if not the - most difficult jobs I’ve ever had. Yesterday he woke up around two in the morning and continued his cantankerous ways until nine in the evening.

We’d change his diapers, feed him, cool him, warm him, burp him, and give him gas medicine. The end result was more crying. The only activity we found that worked was to load him up in the Baby Bjorn and walk around the block. The bouncing seemed to stop the crying. But as soon as I’d remove him from the carrier, we’d be back to the colic.

Here is my proposal. Anyone who has raised a colicky baby should be rewarded with a lifetime monthly annuity of $10,000 from the government. Tax free of course. I picked that number arbitrarily, but to be honest it might be a bit low for what you have to deal with. The constant crying can drive sane people to insanity – or so I felt yesterday.

If you’re a politician and reading this posting, feel free to consider my annuity idea for the forthcoming legislation season. Parents working with colicky babies deserve your help!

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