Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dr. Browns Natural Flow bottles

My wife and I are dealing with a colicky kid. In addition to all the old wise tails, we’ve tried a number of new bottles. Most recently we’re using the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottle which seems to do a good job cutting down on the amount of bubbles floating towards his mouth.

He has a strong grip – which is part of the reason we’re not breast feeding anymore. So we’re thinking he may be taking in more air than the average baby his size and age (four weeks and ten + pounds).

Being a skeptic, I’m not sure if Dr. Brown’s will help. My wife thinks he’s been behaving a bit better since we bought the bottles, but I’m still reserving judgment. The one thing I will give Dr. Brown is the bottle makes him drink slower. No longer are we wiping milk from his cheeks every few seconds. The “Natural Flow” filter (or what ever the large stick protruding down the bottle’s innards is) seems to dam the gushing flow other bottles give him. I’ll keep everyone abreast of Dr. Browns results.

Here is an additional note on yesterday’s post; Being I was up at 4:30AM this morning, I’m upping my suggested annuity parents of colicky kids would receive from the government. The government – or sympathetic folks looking to rid themselves of money – should donate $20,000 a month (double what I originally said) and include inflation protection. Colicky kids are one of the most difficult challenges new parents deal with.

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