Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rent your pets here

FlexPetz was in the paper today. FlexPetz, "a company focusing on unique pet related services and products," is now offering rental service for pets.

For a hefty fee you can now rent an animal for as long as you want it, then have FlexPetz come and pick it up when you're done. I'm not sure what "done" is, but I'm guessing it's a time that comes shortly after the animal shits on your floor.

The pet enthusiasts are enraged in the rakish rental service. I can't blame them as I've always thought that getting a pet (or child for that matter) should be a long-term commitment. But then again, maybe others compare having a pet with renting a movie. After an hour and a half, you're ready to return.

We'll never use FlexPetz. But if we did I'd start with a Saint Bernard. One of those great big ones. I'd have him (or her) pull my son all over the lawn in his sled. After the Bernard, we'd get a Chocolate Lab with a big bulky back. Why? Not sure. Though I've always had an interest in labs.

If I was single, I'd rent a bulldog. Then spend the entire weekend walking them around the lakes in Minneapolis. From what the movies tell us, super hot gals can't avoid petting a bulldog. Thus the proverbial ice would be melted.

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Scooter said...

Having a child doesn't HAVE to be a long term commitment - looks like you can just (try to) return the test-child after you find a few you like.