Friday, September 14, 2012

2011 West Blue Golf League - Results

Here are the results from the 2011 West Blue Golf League.

1st - Kraft Dinner
2nd - Pinseekers
3rd - Bushwoods (over a crumbling Double Eagles)
Consolation = Swing Doctors (over Golf Gods in a squeaker)

The tournament weather was a bit chilly and wet if I remember.  Not nearly wet enough though to prevent Trzynka from nearly killing former Thomson Reuters employee Mike Grey with a long draw down the left hand fairway (road).  Impressive aim.

Attention critics:  Notice how we had one three-sum this year and they finished with par.

1st - Hunecke, Steigerwald, Rehfeld, Rager (-9)
2nd - Thoresen, Noland, Fermole, Miller (-8)
3rd - Grausnick, Meggitt, Wendt, Wiegel (-7)
4th - Hanson, Wagner, Mohs, Augeson (-7)
5th - B. Kuznia, Rademacher, Spilman, Burch (-6)
6th - Harlow, Kroening, Schwartz, Helmueller (-6)
7th - Sole, Maurer, Trzynka, Olenius (-6)
8th - Porter, Dietsche, Remarke, Vlasak (-6)
9th - Tschida, Ronning, Walberg (par)

Longest Drive #3 - Harlow (290 yards)
Closest to pin #7 - Augeson (10 feet)
Closest to pin #12 - Tschida (10 feet)
Closest to pin #16 - Grausnick (10 feet)
Longest Put #18 - Meggitt (19.5 feet)

Five skins were awarded in a year with no eagles. Grausnick's team on #8 with a birdie, Thoresen's team on #9 with a birdie, Harlow's team on #13 with a birdie, Hunecke's team on #16 with a birdie, and Tschida's team with a birdie on #17.

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