Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thoughts on Coach Kill

When Coach Jerry Kill was announced as Gopher Football coach, I, like many alumni and season ticket holders said "who?" Top on my list was Marc Trestman and Mike Leach. Both would have brought national attention to the program and given us the prominence we need.

I didn't have a grip against Coach Kill, it was just that I had never heard of him. (Though I had seen him as they beat the Gophers this year and I was unfortunately at the game.) He was from a non-BCS conference and someone that wasn't once mentioned as a candidate.

This all being said, after reading no less than 10 articles on Kill and finding out from my brother that he called all Northern Illinois season ticket holders in 2010 thanking them for their business, I have become a big fan.

Coach Brewster drove me ^%$#ing nuts with his grand pontifications about Rose Bowls and Big Ten titles. As an alumni and season ticket holder, I'm not unaware that our most immediate goals should be beating a team from Dakota and getting bowl eligible again. Brewster should have taken the patch of Rose Bowl grass and burned it after losing to South Dakota.

I figure myself as a pretty good judge of character and within the first three minutes of listening to Brewster, I knew we were screwed. After reading and listening to Kill on the radio. I think we have a chance. I really feel that this down-to-earth, coach who has won at every level, manager who has kept almost his entire staff intact the past 15 years, businessman who called every season ticket holder last year, will do fine job.

I'm taking a big gamble here by saying this, but I'm betting Coach Kill is here for the next 20 years.

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