Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Proust Questionnaire

Here is my Proust Questionnaire for writing class.

What do you want people to say about you 100 years from now? The amazing thing is that he's still sexually active.

Why does your wife stay with you? We both ask ourselves this daily.

What is your dream job? Writing some useless, yet extremely expensive and needy, software from a Northern Minnesota cabin after a morning of golf.

How many years have you been in school? 28 years, and counting.

What are you most proud of? My children.

Your name is Mac, why don't you use a Mac? Because my wife is cheap. I do have an iPhone though, which took, among other things, begging.

Who do you despise? I get along with most anyone, with the exception being the people I don't get along with.

How many books have you sold? Not nearly enough to retire.

Your desk is always messy. Does that mean your unorganized? I don't see it as being messy. I see my desk as being busy. If you have time to clean your desk, you're not nearly busy enough.

Who is your favorite author? Bill Bryson. Who else?

What is your favorite music? I listen to country and rock. And while working out, I occasionally listen to genre that I won't admit in public.

Who do you most admire? My dad. Everyday I look in the mirror and see myself becoming him. And I'm good with that. He's a great guy.

Why don't you go to church very often? This is a dilemma for me as I want my children to grow up with some religious background. My wife is Catholic and I'm Lutheran. That means we'll join a catholic church. I have issues with giving that organization money.

Will you someday own a BMW? Who's buying it for me? I like Hondas. The only thing they need is gas. And often not even that.

Will you ever move from Minnesota? Never say never, but I can't see my family leaving the Twin Cities. My wife wouldn't have her mother to shop with, and that would be unfavorable for all of us.

Who cooks? Occasionally my wife does. We often outsource. Thus my weight gain.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Oddly enough, we really like the North Shore of Minnesota. Our best times have been by the lake with a few cocktails.

What is your favorite beer? Anything you're buying. Honestly, right now it has to be Surly Furious. Though, I'm willing to try most anything, with the exception of Jacob's Best.

What is your biggest regret? I missed a blocked punt in 11th grade against Fairbault. Wish I had that one back. And, back between the ages of 18 and 23, I wish I knew then what I know now. This is a catchall for a few things.

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