Friday, February 12, 2010

My Mail Person

The following threat, I mean notice, was in my mail box yesterday. Apparently the underworked, overpaid mailperson didn’t appreciate my snow removal efforts. Notice how he crossed out "may" and wrote "delivery service will be suspended...."

What’s humorous about this is that I made a significant effort to clear my mail box (and my neighbor’s). I used both a new snow blower and grain shovel to chip away at the ice diamonds. I didn’t measure, but to my trained eye, he had an 8-10 foot clearing – a great more space than some others on the street.

Being peeved at his threat, I cleared away a couple more inches and left a competing letter asking him to call me. It had my number and everything.

I’m pleased to announce that he accepted my secondary attempt and has restarted our mail delivery. I guess the two or three more scoops of snow I removed helped.

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