Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alexander M. Haig Jr.

You've most likely never heard of Alexander Haig. And up until this morning, when I read about his death, either did I.

Haig was Regan's Secretary of State. After Reagan was shot, Haig went into the gathering of Regan's Cabinet Member meeting and declared himself acting president. And then without any confirmation, did a news conference and said "I am in control here, in the White House." All while shaking uncontrollably.

Humorously, Haig was not in charge. According to official hierarchy, the Vice President was. Haig was fourth in line.

I guess he was such an emotional wreck, that no one, not even the people who were really in charge, could break the news to him. Must have been a tremendous leader.


t-snide said...

"You've most likely never heard of Alexander Haig." Tsk tsk. I think you have been watching too much "Jay Walking" on Leno. Then again, I am quite a bit older than you, so I remember Haig fairly well, even though I didn't really know much about policy when he was SOS.

Scooter said...

I remember Haig. I even remember the Ford/Carter presidential election. You could "vote" in the movie theater with your food selection. Mac's friends are old. He's just pretending to be young for that Agile/REST crowd he hangs with.

Mac Noland said...

I can't believe you codgers have heard of Haig.

He must have been quit the clown.