Thursday, January 21, 2010

Circumventing the new company security system

My walking friend, Phil, and I circumvented the new company security system. It’s a fully automatic entry system, but not automatic to catch me slipping my ID card to Phil under the door so he could use it. I expected more from the system. I’d expect the system to deny someone trying to enter the building twice, within 30 seconds, with the same ID card.

Phil had his own card, but during our walk, I was able to persuade him into trying my test. My argument was that the system was just as inept as a human. I’m patiently waiting for security to show up and reprimand me. Or thank me for my obligation to keep us all safe from intruders.


Scooter said...

You could just tell them you have concerns that someone MIGHT be able to do that so they fix it (hint, hint).

I watched someone fail to get out that door after several swipes not too long ago. I was really worried she'd been let go and no one had bothered to inform her. Then she discovered she was using an old badge she'd thought she'd lost which had been deactivated. So if you try the "get a second badge" trick that, at least, should fail for you.

Mac Noland said...

As the email you sent me now explains, sounds like they are privy to my actions.