Friday, August 07, 2009

Installing iPhone OS 3.0.1

For some reason my brain doesn't think like others. It took me ten minutes to find the area in iTunes where I could update my vulnerable iPhone. I was looking for update 3.0.1 which fixes some texting bug - or something like that.

Since the bug fixes the SMS Texting App, I first checked under Applications. Nope, just a listing of the current Apps I have installed. I then checked the iTunes store. Nope, just Michael Jackson albums for sale. Next I tried a search. "OS 3.0.1" returned a number of irrelevant results.

Thinking I may be in the wrong tool, I did a Google search. Every hit referenced "upgrade available in iTunes." It had to be there someplace. After restarting iTunes (it froze on me) I clicked on "Devices" and found the upgrade flashing me in the face.

I'm a usability study waiting to happen.

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