Monday, August 31, 2009

Facebook friendship cleanup

A friend of mine ignores any Facebook friend request from someone he would have nothing more than a casual conversation with. His logic is "why would I want to follow the lives of people who I haven't talked to since high-school?" At first I made fun of him, but after pouring through a number of needless status updates, news feeds and photos, I decided to adopt a similar, yet very watered down, vetting of my Facebook friend list.

If you've found yourself removed and don’t feel it was necessary, let me know. We can negotiate a re-friendship.


Chris said...

Phew - glad I survived the first round of cuts. I've ignored requests before but never de-friended. For those people I don't care to follow I make use of the wonderful little tool that allows you to remove people from your news feed. Now I don't have to read what John Doe's cat had for breakfast, but also didn't piss him off by removing him as a friend. That should keep me off his hit list when he brings a gun to the 20 year reunion. My new policy is to accept nearly all requests, but be very picky about who I allow in my feed.

Scooter said...

I seem to still be your friend. Which reminds me, I have to reschedule drinking.