Friday, May 29, 2009

Miller Lite's "Taste Protector Cap"

This past weekend while acting as a sybarite (a person dedicated to luxury and pleasure), I cracked open a Miller Lite, only to notice the new "Taste Protector Cap."

If you're not familiar with the new packaging, the "Taste Protector Cap" locks in the great pilsner taste. Can dinker? Don't worry, both bottles and cans have it. I can't speak to kegs.

Beer companies do a great job creating innovative packaging to lure in customers. Coors does the best job. From what I can tell, their blue mountains gimmick has positioned themselves as the number one beer among softball players. An honorable position.

I don't have time to run any tests, but I'm thinking the "Taste Protector Cap" might be a gimmick too. I can't imagine Miller Lite stumbling upon a new packaging technology - one that scales to both cans and bottles - that wouldn't be applied to their entire product line. I.e. Does one want Miller High Life with a "Taste Rejector Cap"?

One thing I will say though, I'm finding myself drinking a bit more Miller Lite lately. Could the "Taste Protector Cap" be subconsciously luring me in?

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