Friday, May 22, 2009

Lascivious Facebook Friend requests

Recently I've received two odd Facebook friend requests. The first was an attractive blond. While I can't say for sure, I think she had some kind of Eastern European name - though it may have been Russian (I consider Russia in Asia, though a portion of it is in Europe). I Ignored her as we had nothing in common (including Friends, which I use as a barometer when accepting new friendships).

This morning, in between packing for my son's first camping trip, I got a request from a young female whose picture was of her (I'm assuming it was her) sitting in a promiscuous position on a kitchen chair with a g-string undergarment. I hadn't seen something like that for some time so you can imagine my consternation. Why would she want to Friend a mid-thirties, married, father, slightly overweight person who makes a modest income and still has student loans?

Does anyone else get these types of Friend requests? Or are they attracted to my wealth and good looks?

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Scooter said...

Not since I got the request from you. Nope - don't get them. But I did get one from Scott McVay the Christian broadcaster, presumably because we share a name, and from some people who want to befriend me solely to advance the number of people in their group/clique for a game that gives you benefits for a bigger team. I ignore all of them.