Monday, April 27, 2009

Serenity Now

I just got done explaining to a colleague in my department (not my group) who has "engineer" on his title, the difference between using Windows Remote Desktop to log into a server's windowing process (laymen call this a Desktop), verses viewing a server file system via a UNC share (e.g. \\YourServer). The person was confused why, when I was logged into the server I could see icons and the Start button. While on his machine he could only see, as I explained to him, a shared folder.

I was using Remote Desktop. After I went to his desk, I found he was browsing the file system via the UNC path from Network Neighborhood. And now I know why I leave this place cussing and swearing at times. Maybe "engineer" doesn't mean you have the slightest bit of technical aptitude? Where is my $%&^$% coffee?


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I'm a manager and I know all those details. Maybe that evens it out.