Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graduate School

I finished up my fourth year of graduate school last night (U of M - Carlson). Actually, now that I think about it, it was actually my eight year of graduate school given I already have one master's degree (software engineering).

For those of you thinking of getting an advanced degree, here are three suggestions.

1) Do it before you have a family. And if you already have a family, make sure your wife and kids are on-board. You'll be spending a number of nights away from them. Throw in reading and studying, and your free time is limited.

2) Limit the number of classes that have group projects. No offense to my teammates from this past semester, but trying to synchronize five working, married, multiple class going students is nearly impossible. You end up spending an entire Saturday (typically the one directly preceding your due date) assembling a project imbroglio (confusing mess).

3) Don't get two master's degrees. If you get a degree in engineering, stick with it. If you get a degree in management, stick with it. Don't try to do both. And if you do (as I did), prepare to develop an increased amount of anxiousness towards finishing.

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