Friday, March 06, 2009


Apparently Wall-Mart is not affected by the Great Recession. Not only are they reporting good numbers during this time of grief, but they are increasing their dividends. That's a 15% increase over last year.

My guess is that people are looking for savings and you won't find a cheaper place than Wall-Mart. Just ask my cheap-ass brother. They've got one of the, if not the, most efficient distribution systems around. Most people think of Wall-Mart being simply low cost, which they are. But those of us who are interested in, and have studied, businesses, Wall-Mart has one of the most advanced infrastructures (including technology) in the world.

They get a lot of blame for abusing their employees. I've never studied that side of their business so I can't comment. My time was spend looking at their technology, which they do a fine job with.


Adam Fokken said...

Is the Wall-mart a reference to South park?

Mac Noland said...

nope. But it should be. Small typo.