Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Underwear in the restroom?

I've got to run and get my son, but before I leave here is a quick story.

While in the restroom yesterday, I noticed something hanging on the far stall. Of course I had to look - from a safe distance. Turns out it was underwear. Black with the kind of ass-patch a cycler would wear. McVay?

Why in the hell would someone abandon their underwear in a company restroom?


Jess said...

Maybe the person changed their clothing in the bathroom stall and they fell out of their bag? Oops.

Anonymous said...

Was it dirty?

Mac Noland said...

Why would they be hung up then? Maybe some nice person hung them up for them? Yuck.

Were they dirty? I didn't get close enough to tell. They were black so that might have hid details.

Scooter said...

I have forgotten my underwear when bicycling, but never dropped them. I'm going to side with the comment that they fell out of the bag.

Jerds said...

The character probably had an unexpected visit from Skidmark Johnson, a quite odorous one. He had to abandon ship.