Friday, March 13, 2009

My "Tax Professional"

Last night I got my taxes done by an independent "Tax Professional." He has a small office in Minneapolis. It has shady windows and all. It took about an hour and cost $150. You probably think I overpaid, however, let me justify.

I enjoy talking to my tax professional. I don't sit and watch him punch in numbers. I sit, watch him punch in numbers, and ask a myriad of tax questions. It's my effort to make sure I'm screwing the government as much as possible.

Last night I got a small deduction for a portion of my Girl Scout cookies. Did you remember to mark that down? I also got my tabs and my tax preparation fee deducted, nonetheless. Did Turbo Tax do that for you? And if so, did you remember to type it in.

Also, my tax professional has been "Enrolled to practice before the I.R.S." He has it right on his card. How many of you can say you had your taxes done by a human who practicing tax before the tax agency was created. I can. And it only cost me $150.


Chris said...

I still think you overpaid. I spent $0.42 on my taxes. I did them old school. You got me on the difference between the cost and fair value of girl scout cookies but I'm ok giving up that couple of dollars in deductions. I guess I'll consider including it next year. I definitely itemized my tabs. Do your taxes really change that much from year to year? I could see using turbo tax or a pro every 5 years or so, but every year is money down the drain unless you own your own business or something. Full disclosure - I do have a degree in accounting and passed the CPA, but if not much changes from year to year anyone can do it. I converted a friend last year from using a pro - walked him through it once and this year he was on his own.

Mac Noland said...

Though you've exposed yourself as passing the CPA, I think you're being disingenuous saying that a laymen, like myself, overpaid. You're right, nothing changes that much and a person like I could spend a couple of days doing my taxes with sticks and mud. In fact, if I ever become hard-up, I plan on having you come over to help do my taxes. Then once we're done, we can clean my house. I equate both doing taxes and cleaning my house as equals. And I outsource both of them ;)