Saturday, February 14, 2009

The lady in a pink coat

My wife went out for dinner and to a movie with a friend - female friend, I checked.  My son and I stayed home and destroyed the house.

They left at 7PM so I didn't expect to see her until late in the evening.  Around 9:30 though, while writing a critical paper on the possible purchase of a group travel company (for school), the garage door opened and she came in laughing.  Must have been a short, funny movie, I thought to myself.

Apparently the dinner went well, but the movie was problematic.  They got to the theater at 9PM thinking the show started at 9:20.  The friend had to use the restroom (she's pregnant) so my wife agreed to reserve two seats for them. 

She went into the dark theater and stood where you can walk up the adjacent stairs or cut accross the screen to the other side.  The theater was full so after a minute or two, she decided to cut accross the screen and try the other side. 

Once on the other side, she found two chairs at the top.  Once sitting, she started to take off your coat (I'll get to that in a bit) and asked the couple sitting next to her if the movie had started.  The guy gave a strange look and said it was just ending.  Hum?

It took a minute for the situation to set in, but after realizing she was in the wrong theater (their movie didn't start for another hour), she put her coat back on, made her way down the theater, cut across the screen and took the long embarrassing walk to the exit door.

This is funny in and of itself, but what makes the humor better was, she wore her large, annoying pink coat.  It's the type of pink that you can see from outer space.  They ask her not to wear it around the airport for fear planes might see it as a landing beacon.

So here are these poor people,interrupted by an astranged lady in a large pink coat, while watching the end of Slum Dog Millionaire.  Classic!


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Scooter said...

I too love garage doors and how they relate to pink coats and movie theaters. Would you please post back to me at Thank you!