Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friend's Christmas Party 2008

My wife and I attend, and sometimes host, an annual Christmas party with friends. This year's event was hosted by J & J, who apparently have lived in their "new" house for over two years. I hope they didn't take offense when I casually asked if they had just moved in.

As far as I can tell, the night had two highlights. The first was playing Rock Band on a borrowed Wii. My wife's vocals were especially acute while my drumming was near perfect.

The second highlight, was my stepping in the dog's "pee pad" not once, but twice. This "pee pad," as they call it, is a large tampon which small dogs, who can't go out in the cold and snow, use to empty their bladder. It was right next to the sink and so while washing my hands, I just so happened to sponge my socks into a pee spot leaving me first inquisitive, then in agony.

The second time I realized quickly that my misstep would cost me yet a third pair of socks. The first pair was what I came with. The second and third were borrowed from the home owner.

Given all the things that can go wrong at a Christmas party, stepping in pee didn't seem that bad.

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