Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Obviously Plugged Toilet

After delivering a two-week-old signed form to HR I decided to stop off at the bathroom and conduct the type of business a normal person conducts once daily. There were three open stalls so I decided to take the "economy" one near the end. I looked into the bowl and realized the water was low; indicating a possible barrier. I didn't test the plug, but assumed the clog would be addressed later in the day by an expert.

The next stall over happened to have a used newspaper which always provides a smile on my face. It was there I took care of business and caught up on the vote recount mess this lovely state of ours has ourselves in. Turns out the old "Eagle" scanners up on the Iron Range were the cause of a number of voting casualties (for us Republicans).

While finishing my second article I noticed a man run into the bathroom and place himself within the economy stall next to me. The one with the plugged toilet. It would seem to me a person with average common sense might notice a pair of adjacent shoes, and out of common courtesy, avoid trying to flush a plugged stool. Why? Because there is a certain chance the stool might overflow, rendering the person's bathroom contemporary vulnerable to a wet mess.

This person apparently missed that lesson and gave the, obviously plugged, toilet a flush. Twice even. This story is ending without the type of disaster you're hoping I would have suffered through. However, there was a moment when I heard the water circling close, very close, to the top. I can only imagine it was an act of God saved me.


Scooter said...

Grrr...that happened to me here as well, but the person in the next stall flushed the toilet even though it had piles of toilet paper and floaters in it. Then they literally ran away. I'm not so sure it wasn't on purpose. A great wash of poo and paper flowed down hill into the drain near my feet. It was a bit of an acrobatic trick to finish up and get out without stepping in anything.

Mac Noland said...

LOL! I think it might have been Ryan pulling a trick on management.