Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm now on Facebook. If you'd like to be my "Friend" you can search for Mac Noland who went to either Albert Lea Central High or the University of Minnesota - Duluth. You might be able to find me under the University of St. Thomas or the University of Minnesota - Twin Cites as well. However, not many people use graduate school for tracking down friends. In graduate school you don't develop many lasting friendships. At least that's been my experience.

I joined Facebook because one of my friends told me about all the old UMD contacts he had touched base with. Turns out he was right; in the past few days I've rekindled a number of old stories with long-lost friends.

I don't tell many people this, but back in my college days I once signed my name on the butt of a freshman baseball player. I was a senior member of the team and felt an obligation to ensure the younger players knew who I was. Turns out he didn't recognize my art work until after Monday's practice when the coach asked him why his ass said "Mac". Damn permanent markers.

Facebook seems like a good place to catch up with old friends. I'm sure it has its consequences as well. So far I've been able to avoid all old girl-friends. I don't think my wife would take kindly to me chatting away on the internet with old flames. That seems like something that would cause a wife to limit your internet usage. And being I need these bits and bytes for work, school and play, I'll probably have to "Reject" a friendship.

What are your thoughts? If married, should you be a Facebook "Friend" with an old girl-friend?


Scooter said...

Just hasn't come up yet for me. Remember to add me and Ryan. Ryan has a very nautical photo of himself on Facebook.

Jen said...

Ahh..the whole Facebook social responsibilities question. I base my Accept or Reject on how each relationship ended and what I've told my husband about that ex. If it ended because we just didn't fall in love, well then, we can be friends and my husband shouldn't have an issue. If it ended in some drama-filled cheating/we love each other but we can't stand each other way...chances are talk will only lead to memories...which always lead to trouble and the better half probably doesn't want me walking down memory lane with old flames anyway.