Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creative Destruction

I plan on writing more about this next week on the Curious Mind, however, I thought it might be best to get a few thoughts off my chest.

As I voted on my father's website, I think it would be best to let the three big car manufactures fall into bankruptcy. This is easier said being I don't work in the industry, but my gut tells me bankruptcy might be their best alternative to a bad situation.

I say this because I'm a believer in "creative destruction." The reason we don't have many Hardees around anymore is because Culvers offers a better product. Much of Hardees' market was destroyed by new competitors like Culvers. And if you've had a butter burger, you're aware that this was to all of our advantage.

David Brooks has it right "Not so long ago, corporate giants with names like PanAm, ITT and Montgomery Ward roamed the earth. They faded and were replaced by new companies with names like Microsoft, Southwest Airlines and Target."

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