Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Poops

My son decided to take three poops tonight. That wouldn't be so odd if it didn't happen within an hour of giving him his nighttime bath.

There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning something like a butt, only to have it dirtied so soon afterwords. It's similar to scrubbing wooden floors on your hands and knees, only to have your wife walk in with muddy shoes and a new pink coat she purchased on credit.

The other thing about the three poops is that it also happened right after my wife went out shopping for the night. Why can't kids poop when moms are around to help? Kids have to know that dads are close to being helpless when it comes to holding their legs in the air and cleansing their dirty bottom.

I guess this is probably the payback I deserve for golfing last weekend. Since I shot a 90 at a pretty difficult course, I'll accept my punishment.

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