Friday, August 29, 2008

Life Insurance

Life Insurance companies work like this; if you are at risk and need life insurance, you can't get any. Moreover, if you're not at risk and need life insurance, they beat down your door.

As of 7AM morning, I'm falling into the latter. Blood pressure 128/64, pulse 64, weight 222, height 6 foot 1 inch. My urine and blood samples are being checked as we speak. I've had a long history of super low cholesterol, so I'm expecting everything to come back fine.

I'm initially targeted to purchase $500,000. However, if my statistics come back good, I'm sure they will try to up sell me. Remember, that's how life insurance works. If you're healthy, they try to sell you as much as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can buy life insurance with an option to buy more at certain points in your life.