Friday, August 01, 2008

League Champions

Last night we (the Militia) won our second consecutive league title in Eagan Men's softball. That makes four titles in the past six years.

The team has been around since the mid nineties but has changed faces almost every year. This year we added two new guys and lost two of our better players from years past. I started in 1999 and am considered one of the veterans. The umpire actually called me that last night.

Being my wife and I have a one-year-old, my softball days are slowly dwindling. I can see my playing time being limited once he starts to play ball himself. And that would be alright as I'll probably be ready to move onto other things (e.g. coaching). However, in the mean time I'll continue to enjoy winning league championships.


t-snide said...

When are you guys going to win State already? ;)

Mac Noland said...

Yep, one of these years we have to give that a try!!!