Monday, August 11, 2008

Land or Island?

While drinking a cold Lake Superior Special Ale this weekend, I wondered if the land I saw directly across from me, was the Wisconsin South Shore, or a collection of the Apostle Islands acting as a bulwark protecting the cheese heads from Viking fans. Turns out that it might have been both land and island.

Five years ago my wife and I honeymooned in Castle Danger which is a township just north of Two Harbors on Minnesota's North Shore. To celebrate our five-year statistic this past weekend, we decided to head back and do it all over again. Same cabin, same restaurant, same beer. Though this time we had our one-year-old, so everything else, including the amount of rest we got, was slightly different.

The weekend's debate revolved around the land mass we could see from our porch. For some reason I don't remember it being so prevalent in year's past. I argued for hours that it was the Apostle Islands rather than the South Shore. My wife could have cared less, so the debate was between myself and myself.

I'm still not 100% sure if what I was looking at was land mass or islands. However, given I was debating myself, I'm pretty sure that what ever position I ended up taking, was correct.

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