Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Error on Super Bowl Ring

Yesterday I read about the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl ring which was found to have the wrong score for the first round playoffs. The score was listed as Steelers 32, Bills 6. However, the real score was Steelers 32, Bills 14. Once again, the Bills got screwed.

It's strange that it took 30+ years, for someone to find the error. Being one who struggles with attention to detail, I can't be too critical. However, it would seem to me that someone, anyone, would notice the error. One argument could be that athletes are hardly ever scholars and would not have the wherewithal to recognize such a mistake. While plausible, remember that championship rings are distributed to "Upper Management" as well. Then again, you all know how I feel about Upper Management types.

Maybe the fact that no one, not even the Steelers's Upper Management, was paying attention, this little finding is not that odd.

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