Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why I'm betting against the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox

In a few days I'll be hanging out near a prominent sports book where I plan on placing a few well advised bets on baseball. All legal of course.

I have this unproven and unscientific thought about betting on baseball - and all sports for that matter. I plan on experimenting with my thought during the next few days. The idea goes something like this.

If you look at fan bases, I'm guessing the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox have the most fans per team. And given you're a fan of a specific team, I'm assuming you'd be more willing to bet "for" your team rather than "against" it, even if a unbiased gambler would bet against your team. The entire idea is based on these two assumptions.

It's my thought that because there are so many Yankee, Cubs and Red Sox fans, the amount of money bet for these teams leaves a small edge for their competition - from a wagering perspective. That is, the large fan base for the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox make them look like bigger favorites than they really are.

Given all this; I'm planning to bet against the Yankees, Cubs and/or Red Sox every day. While my sampling will only be three or four days, I'm hopeful that my idea proves true. And if it does, I plan on moving to Vegas and taking up sports gambling.

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Anonymous said...

I like the thought. If you would like a solid bet while in Vegas, you should bet on the Avalanche beating the Wild in game 5 at Minnesota. The Wild have been lucky to win one game and I am not sure they will win another.

Prediction: Av's in 5 games